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2015-2016 Expedition : America Extrema

12000 km in the boreal forest – biking, walking and kayaking

america extrema

Already 6 years ago, the project of crossing Canada started growing in my whole body.

Those were 6 years during which all my occupations centered around this objective, from my job as a lumberjack to even my recreational activities (running, biking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, English courses and survival practical training). Even my previous travels (see under «Passport ») did I consider as training activities aiming at the realization of my present project. And today, finally, I feel that I am ready!

All along those years, my project evolved according to my acquired field knowledge, my physical limitations and my imagination, so as to finally mutate into « America Extrema »: Crossing the whole of North America from its easternmost point in Labrador (Canada) to its westernmost point at the Bering Strait (Alaska). This will be a 12000 km travel without resorting to any mechanized mode of transportation, in the heart of the boreal forest, visiting a number of First Nations communities accessible only by seaplane. Getting to meet those people will be an exciting adventure!

America Extrema will begin on April 14, 2015 and will span over eighteen months, separated by a 7 month hibernation in the coldest period.

« Nothing quite new about his », some will say. « One expedition among many others, maybe not the least exceptional, but not the most either. » Except that

Except that 2014 marked a radical turning point in my life. Frustrated by my lack of progress in running (despite all my efforts in the last two years), I saw all my beliefs become disrupted by leading-edge books on barefoot running, feeding habits as well as meditation. Since I read those books, I meditate every day, I do not use footwear anymore, I eat only once a day (in the evening) and I banned salt, sugar, grains and cereals (except for rice and buckwheat), legumes (unless germinated), dairy products, eggs, meat, fish as well as tea and coffee. So, I became a vegan and (almost) a raw foodist.

Why? For a better health, for greater happiness (and so as to be able to run faster…)

Convinced of the relevance and of the future of such practices, I will do all I can to apply them in the course of my America Extrema expedition. Far from compromising the success of my expedition, they will be valuable assets which I will promote and defend as much as possible.

Wish to know more about my expedition ? Be my guest, under the « 2015-2016 Expe » caption.