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Leave Montmelard (Saône-et-Loire) by foot and alone to get into Austria, 800 km away, and come back by hitch-hiking. Such is the challenge that Florian Gomet decided to meet on August 8, 2011. The program : get into Switzerland by walking along the Cure river and the Leman Lake shores, and cross over the Swiss Alps, with a 20 kg packsack and only 450 euros in his pockets. Such an itinerary gives this mountain lover the occasion to escalade the Bishorn (4 153 m) and to pay a visit to Mike Horn, an adventurer whom he admires. Getting into Austria took him 28 days and 27 nights under a tent. Thanks to brief chance encounters, intensified because of their sharp contrast with his daily solitude and his long walking hours conducing to meditation, he got the impression that he had been living more fully in that period than in a full year of his sedentary life.

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Cap au nord

Summary :

Having left Oslo on June 14, 2012, I pedaled 1200 km on my bike (Oslo –Polar Circle) and walked yet for 1400 km (Polar Circle – Kinnarodden), entirely crossing Scandinavia. This solitary adventure lasted two months during which I had to do with catastrophic weather, a 3-week delayed summer and numerous contingencies. I had to go through snowfalls and heavy rain downpours, as well as to get across glacial rivers and mosquitoes-infested marshes. Motivated by fabulous landscapes and with the help of more than warm inhabitants, I met all the challenges that the Arctic placed on my way.

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Synopsis :

This is the story of a former math teacher who left his profession to set out on a existential quest for a personal rediscovery and the responses to myriads of unanswered questions. On foot, on his bike, and in his kayak, he journeyed all across Canada and Alaska to establish a personal and profound link with many different Native tribes and the treasures of the boreal forest. A voyage of initiation where utopia and faith are blended with the austere reality of the Grand Nord, whose most uncertain outcome will be played out in the wilderness of the snow-covered crests of the Mackenzie Mountains.

DVD, length : 36 min – Bonus : 21 min – Audio : French – Subtitles : French – English – German.

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